Rival street food sellers have mass brawl at police station

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu5yssafbd2xk5q/VRp18040.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment a mass brawl erupted between rival Thai street food sellers at a police station.

Footage shows the chaotic scenes inside Bueng Sam Phan Police Station as the merchants attacked each other in Phetchabun province, Thailand on March 11.

Six market vendors were seen lunging at each other – the females pulling hairs while the men were locked in a fist fight as frantic officers struggled to separate them.

Anusa Tiemnikhom, 30, went to the police station to complain about rival stall owners who allegedly assaulted her physically before they were called by the officers to explain.

The accused vendors, Narongpond Boonprasan, 30, and his girlfriend were explaining their side saying the woman started the fight because they built a store too close their rival stall.

Anusa then started yelling at the couple upon hearing that before the fight broke out inside the station in front of the officers. Narongpond tried to attack the woman but her brother came between the two and exchanged punches with the man.

Anusa then pulled the hair of Narongpond’s girlfriend, Phannipha Nusari, 30, before their relatives were caught in the fight as the police pulled them apart.

After the incident, the emotional Phannipha said the feud had been going on for two months since they built their stall next to Anusa and her family.

She said: ‘It started when my boyfriend and I were insulted by Anusa for setting up a stall too close to them. We tried to avoid Anusa after that incident but her brother came to harass us.

‘We have to live our lives in peace too but they don’t want to listen. If they had negotiated properly, I would have compromised with what they want.’

Meanwhile, the defiant Anusa said it was the couple who started the fight and they should be punished for it.

She said: ‘We sat separately at the police station to avoid a conflict but my brother came to tell me that they have been telling the police that it was me who started the fight that day. I was furious because it was a lie.’

Anusa added that her sister, Narumon Tiemnikhom, had a baby who was hurt when the couple attacked them at the stall.

She said: ‘My sister’s baby boy fell to the ground because they grabbed her shirt while she was holding the child. I had to ask them to stop and people advised us to seek help from the police.’

The two parties were determined to file complaints against each other and an investigation had already been started about the incident.