Puppy rescued after getting stuck under pile of electrical posts

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2kqyc60n7fppu0d/VRP18103.mp4?dl=0

A hapless puppy was rescued after getting stuck between a pile of concrete posts for two days in Thailand.

The pooch was heard crying by workers carrying out construction work and repairs on the power lines at a village in Krabi province on March 14.

Local Somchok Khammee tried to help the workers free the animal but it had crawled deep into the pile so they could not reach it.

He said the dog had been whimpering for two days but they could not find where it was until the construction workers saw it.

Somchok said: ‘I’ve heard pooch crying for two days but I could not find it. We thought it was just playing until the workers saw it between the concrete posts.’

They called the animal rescuers for help after failed rescue attempts as the puppy appeared weak and starving from being trapped inside for days.

When the rescuers arrived, they thought about using a crane to lift the heavy posts but decided it would be dangerous for the puppy as it could be crushed under with a wrong move.

One of the clever rescuers, thought of just digging a hole on the ground so the puppy could crawl under and escape from the narrow gaps.

He then pulled the animal out and it was finally freed. It had been weak due to dehydration so the rescuers gave it fresh water and food before allowing it to rest.

A local who worked at a nearby palm tree plantation volunteered to adopt the puppy and named it Pan Fai.