Driver avoids being hit by loose wheel flying from truck


This is the shocking moment a driver slammed the brakes to avoid being smashed by a loose wheel flying from a truck.

Dashcam footage shows the rubber tire falling from the truck and bouncing on the road as the driver stopped his car in Chonburi province, Thailand on March 13.

The driver, Tawat, was travelling with his wife Juthatip to the market when they were nearly missed by the loose tire on the highway.

He said: ‘I am relieved we were not hit by the wheel. I was able to pull the brakes on time. The truck driver should be more careful next time.’

The couple was unhurt from the incident and did decided not to report the incident to the police as they were uninjured.

A concerned onlooker who saw the incident went to check on them and volunteered to remove the tire from the road.