Dog impresses locals by jumping over motorcycle onto skateboard in Thailand


A dog has impressed locals by learning how to jump over a motorcycle and land on a skateboard.

Footage shows the nine-month-old female pooch named Covid balancing on the skateboard around Wat Phra That Phanom temple in Nakhon Phanom province on March 6.

In one of her tricks, Covid will jump over a motorcycle and land on the board before cruising along. She can also push herself forwards.

The black and white dog’s owner, Suwit Saenson, 52, said the pooch was adopted during the pandemic, thus the unique name.

Suwit said: ‘I adopted her during the pandemic crisis and thought of giving her a special name. I chose Covid because she was with me during this difficult time.’

The pet owner worked as a photographer and liked to take pictures near the temple so he was always bringing the pooch with him.

He also loved doing outdoor activities including skateboarding so he thought of teaching the dog some tricks and he was surprised that his pet actually learned.

The pair started doing the performance when people gathered around them watching the skateboarding dog like it was doing a show.

The pet owner said: ‘I didn’t expect to make profits from my dog. I just wanted to entertain people who came to visit the temple at first.’

A donation box was placed at the end of the skateboard as people started to give tips and money to the dog after she did some tricks.

Suwit said the donations are all being used to buy dog food and keep his pet healthy and active during the pandemic.

He said: ‘My dog likes to eat boiled eggs but I make sure she also eats healthy dog food. We use the money for those expenses.’