Seven baby cobras found hiding in washing machine


Seven baby cobras were found hiding inside a washing machine in a house in Thailand.

Sophon Phansena, 41, was doing laundry when she discovered the tiny reptiles in their garage in Chachoengsao province on March 16.

The machine had finished spinning and she was about to remove the clothes to dry but as she reached inside the tub, the woman heard a hissing noise.

She was able to remove her hand on time before the small snake could bite her and ran outside the house to call for help.

The animal rescuers were contacted for assistance but neighbours rushed to the house to corner the tiny aggressive cobras.

Two of them died after trying to bite the locals, while three of the snakes fled the house. When the rescuers arrived, they caught two reptiles hiding behind the water pipes.

One of the rescuers said the snake mother might have laid her eggs inside the washing machine and hatched before the woman did her laundry.

However, the snake babies were disturbed when the house owner used the machine so they scattered inside the garage.

He said: ‘Unfortunately, two of the snakes died. There were three that escaped so we are reminding the residents to be alert.’

The two baby cobras that were caught were placed inside a sack to be released into the wild.

Despite a smaller size, baby cobras can produce enough venom which is able to blind, paralyse and kill the victim, similar to the adults. They possess the ability to spray venom in a range of two to four feet.