Dog caught on camera stealing shoes left outside shop


A cheeky stray dog was caught on camera stealing shoes left outside a shop in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the pooch sniffing the footwear before picking up the blue trainers from in front of an internet cafe in Songkhla province, Thailand on March 18 just after 1am.

The mutt then returned to the shop for a second pair before leaving the shoes in the middle of the road, seemingly waiting for a vehicle to run over them.

When the owner, Phum, went out of the shop, he was confused why his shoes had gone missing so he checked the security camera in case a thief had taken them.

However, he was amused when he saw it was the stray dog nabbing the shoes outside of his shop.

Phum said the clever stray even sniffed the shoes like it was choosing which ones to take based on the smell of the footwear.

Phum said: ‘The dog appeared to have a favourite smell. It even knew which the right pair was. We were all laughing when we saw the dog do that in the video.

‘We went outside and followed where the dog had taken the shoes and recovered one of them but the other pair was nowhere to be found.’

Phum believed the other pair of blue trainers were hidden by the dog where it was sleeping at night ‘because it liked the smell so much’.

He added: ‘The dog liked the smell of my feet so it might have hidden the shoes where it was sleeping as a souvenir. It was really funny.’