Mansion ravaged by fire after gas tank explosion


A mansion was ravaged by a fire after a gas tank exploded in Bangkok, Thailand.

Flames started on the first storey of the luxury building before spreading to the second storey where they reached a gas tank which exploded.

Five fire trucks and officers from the Praram 199 rescue team took 30 minutes to bring the inferno under control. During an examination for the damage, two pedigree dogs were found dead.

Officials said that the businessman owner Kiettisak Watanyawanit, 63, was away from home at the time attending his father’s funeral.

Three people including two maids and one worker hired to paint the room were inside the mansion when the fire started.

The worker said he smelled something burning while he was working and opened the door to the next room. He found a fire was burning and quickly spread to curtains. He then yelled to the others so that they could run out in time.

The police suspected the fire was caused by a short circuit but would further investigate for more evidence.