Chef dresses as superheroes to keep customers entertained


A Thai chef dressed in superhero characters to entertain customers while cooking their food.

Creative cook Akkaranit Phachana, 34, posed for pictures while wearing his Spider-Man suit in Phayao province, Thailand on March 18.

Aside from the iconic Marvel superhero, the chef also had a Black Panther and Iron Man suit which he wore alternately.

Customers arrived at the Triple D food stall to order Pad Thai and grilled seafood before the chef entertained them while wearing the costume.

He then cooked their order while wearing the superhero suits.

Due to his unique cooking style, their stall at Nong Ra Boo market has become popular with locals and tourists.

Akkaranit said he had always been a fan of comic books and cosplayers he had seen before so he thought of applying it in his business.

He said: ‘I opened this restaurant four years ago. I liked reading comic books when I was younger and saw cosplayers in the Internet.

‘I thought of mixing these two hobbies and applied it in my business to make the place more fun. My customers liked it so I continued wearing the costumes.’