Thai soldiers prepare for influx of Burmese migrants as violence continues in Myanmar


Thai soldiers were today preparing for an influx of Burmese migrants as violence continues in the neighbouring country of Myanmar.

Police, military units and government officials In Chiang Rai province – one of the most popular crossing points on the border – gathered to discuss plans to handle more immigrants.

They simulated and practiced the scenario in which migrants crossed into Thailand’s territory to escape the bloodshed in the country, which erupted after the army ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi with a military coup of February 1.

Officials said that anyone who crossed the border would be detained for Covid-19 quarantine.

They said the four types of people could include Burmese workers desperate for money, protest leaders who are seeking asylum in the third country, foreigners who are stranded in Myanmar seeking to return to their homeland and Thai citizens.

Officials said that Chiang Rai’s sports stadium will be used as a temporary facility to receive the refugees. They will be screened for Covid-19 and sorted to locations specified for each type.