Tourists flee as storm shakes floating raft restaurant


This is the terrifying moments tourists fled after a storm battered a floating raft restaurant in Thailand.

Dozens of people had gathered on the wooden structures when strong winds hit the Sirindhorn Lake in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, on Sunday afternoon (March 21).

Strong waves battered the rafts knocking chairs, barbecues and parasoles into the water. Scared visitors fled in life jackets and gathered on the shore while waiting for the storm to pass. Some were knocked into the water but emerged unharmed.

One of the tourists, Jo, said: ‘There was a sudden summer storm and the rafts were shaking. I thought we were all going to be blown into the lake. Some people fell into the water but they were wearing life jackets so they were OK.’

The Thai Meteorological Department today issued storm warnings for 48 provinces following wind and heavy rain across the north on Sunday. Forecasters warned thunderstorms with gusty wind and hail across northern Thailand.

They said that the summer storms were due to a high-pressure system moving in from China.