Burmese migrants attack countryman for supporting military coup in Myanmar

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67nfrao3o6whplf/VRP19152.mp4?dl=0

Dozens of Burmese migrants attacked one of their countrymen after he came out as a supporter of the military coup on Myanmar.

The young worker allegedly branded people who donated money to protesters as ‘stupid’, angering other Burmese workers who live in the compound in Chonburi province on March 21.

Witnesses said that the man, Mong, told them that democracy supporters deserved to die and even insulted their ousted lead Aung San Suu Kyi.

This infuriated his neighbours who demanded an apology from the man but to no avail. They also raised a three-finger salute, which protesters adopted from the Hunger Games film series, to pressure him.

Mong allegedly refused to take back his words which led to furious Burmese men and women allegedly assaulting him.

Police officers arrived at the migrant housing after reports from locals. Mong was taken the police station while they calmed down the immigrant community.

Police Captain Akaradetch Kaewrongkham said: ‘His neighbours gathered around him trying to hurt him. They were very angry so we had to evacuate the man from the premises until the situation cooled down.

Surat, one of the workers, said: ‘We apologise to Thai people for causing some problems on their land but please don’t misunderstand us. 

‘We stand by democracy. We stand by Aung San Suu Kyi who is our mother. We were carried away by our emotions because he refused to apologise to us. He was the one who attacked us first.

‘We also want to thank the police for mediating before the situation became worse.’