Drunk Thai man found sleeping on edge of roof 50ft above the ground

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nd729mzfpyvx665/VRP19339.mp4?dl=0

A drunk Thai man had to be rescued after he fell asleep on the edge of the roof – just inches from falling to the ground 50ft below.

Shocked locals noticed the man napping in the bizarre position in Samut Prakan province, central Thailand on March 20 just after midnight.

The emergency services arrived but they were unable to wake the businessman, named locally as ‘Wantha’.

The building’s security guard said the drunk man stumbled past him but he disappeared to the fourth floor of the building before he was found sleeping on the roof’s edge.

The guard on duty said: ‘He ran up to the stairs and then knocked every door on the way. Suddenly, he disappeared from my sight. We searched the top floor together thinking he was hiding.

‘We noticed that a window was left open on the fourth floor so we went to check at the balcony. Eventually, we found him sleeping on the edge of the roof.’

Rescuers had to smash a hole in a window of a bathroom so they could install a safety harness on a volunteer who then walked towards the sleeping man.

An air cushion was also placed on the ground in case the intoxicated man suddenly moved and fell.

A volunteer was able to tie the man to a rope soon after and lowered him to the second floor where another team was waiting to pull him through the windows.

The rescue operation took several hours before the team was able to reach him. When he regained consciousness, the paramedics confirmed that the man was drunk.

After realising he was safe, Wantha kneeled to thank the rescuers for saving his life. He had a wound on his head after from where he had bumped into a window.

He was given a first aid treatment before being admitted to the hospital.