Anti-establishment protesters clash with monarchy supporters in Thailand


Anti-establishment protesters clashed with monarchy supporters during a rally in Thailand.

Crowds gathered at Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Law where Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, a pro-democracy politician and a former Future Forward Party leader, was invented to give a lecture on March 20.

The topic was ‘the Amendment on the Constitution: Road to Democracy or Fortification of Dictatorship?’ organised by Mo Din Daeng Revolutionary Party which was established by a pro-democracy group in the university.

Before the event began, a group of royalists arrived at 2pm holding a sign: ‘Overthrowers of Thai Monarchy. Trash of Thailand.’

They insulted Piyabutr for undermining the monarchy. Some of them tried to make attack him but were restrained by security guards and some students.

The situation became chaotic for 15 minutes as the two fractions with different political views yelled at each other and tussled.

Piyabutr, however, calmly told them to be less emotional and more pragmatic on that matter. His manner eased the tension.

The royalists then agreed to be peaceful and demanded to listen to the lecture along with more than 100 participants.