Stuck monitor lizard released after getting trapped under concrete bench


A hapless monitor lizard was freed after it was found stuck under a concrete bench where it was hiding from guard dogs.

The wild reptile tried to enter the house while searching for food in Ang Thong province, Thailand, on March 20.

However, the 4ft-long animal was chased away by three guard dogs sitting on the front porch of the house so it squeezed under the concrete bench.

The house owner heard the pets barking outside and checked before seeing the scared reptile hiding under the concrete bench.

He tried to pull it out with a stick but it appeared stuck so he called the animal rescuers instead for assistance.

He said: ‘The lizard came out of nowhere and headed into my house but there were dogs so it was scared away and hid under the bench. We were so scared to hold it as it was so big.’

When the rescuers arrived, they tried to lure the reptile out with a pole but without success. They could not reach its neck so they decided to carry the benches away from it.

Two volunteers carried the heavy benches together while one of their colleagues made sure that the lizard stay put on its position.

When they had enough space, the rescuers secured the lizard’s head with the noose and then grabbed its tail to take it out. 

The relieved house owner thanked the rescuers who left to release the lizard in a nearby rice paddy field which was about one kilometre away from the property.