Angry geese attack armed soldiers who disturbed them while walking past their house

This is the amusing moment an angry goose chased a soldier who was patrolling through a village in Thailand.

The flock of birds were disturbed when the men on a routine exercise walked in front of their owner’s house in Mukdahan province on January 4.

The soldier at the tail of the group followed behind his colleagues but the birds were already aggressive when it was his time to pass.

Resident, Surasak, filmed the angry birds as they ran after the man in backpack and pecked his legs.

Surasak said: ‘These birds seem to have no fear. They didn’t care about the soldier’s big guns. All they wanted to do was bite the soldier that angered them.’

Surasak’s neighbour tried to stop the animals as the soldier amusingly escaped the angry flock.

He added that no one was hurt and the soldiers were able to pass by the house with the bords.

He said: “It was really funny. The owner even had to stop the birds from fighting with the soldiers.’