Adorable moment two elephants help each other climb out of a ditch


This is the adorable moment two elephants helped each other climb out of a muddy ditch in Thailand.

The wild jumbos were stuck in a dried-out pond in a deserted garden in Rayong province on February 27 when a local discovered them.

One of the elephants hooked his front two legs over the edge of the slope and onto the grass before his female friend gave his backside a push with her head.

Despite the help, the elephant slid back down the steep side. The cute jumbo even stared back at his friend as if asking for help.

Both of them took more than an hour to finally find the best path up the ground.

The larger and heavier male elephant finally managed to clamber out with a boost from his companion. The female then followed his technique and crawled over the edge back to safety.

Onlooker Tanat pitiporntapin said: ‘These two elephants used to play around in this garden, today I watched them help each other for almost an hour. It was amazing how the two elephants were communicating, it looked almost like they were telling each other the best way to climb out.’