Former student burns teacher alive after being interrupted while playing mobile game

Pictures: FTP

An angry former student allegedly burned his high-school teacher alive after he interrupted him while playing mobile games.

Joebert Gamrot, 20, was allegedly playing on his phone in front of the school when the drunk teacher approached him in Nueva Ecija province, the Philippines on March 18.

The alcohol intoxicated teacher Rolando dela Cruz, allegedly told his former student to leave before ‘hitting him at the back of the head.’

Joebert was reportedly angry at being disturbed while playing an online game on his smartphone and hit the teacher back.

The two began fighting before the student picked up a plank which he allegedly used to batter the teacher in the head until he was unconscious.

Joebert is said to have dragged his teacher’s body to the back of the school and made a bonfire with dried leaves before throwing the teacher’s body into the flames.

The teacher was found by colleagues the next morning (March 19) before he was identified by relatives despite his severely burned state.

Local police officers were investigating the case when Joebert appeared at the station and allegedly confessed he was the one who killed the teacher.

Santo Domingo Police Station officer Major Herbert Ocumen said Joebert is now facing murder and arson charges.

He said: ‘The man was a student at the school and knew the teacher. He confessed to killing him after they argued. He said he felt guilty so he visited our station to confess. He will be charged with murder and arson.’

Joebert is now detained at the municipal jail while investigations are ongoing.