Motorcycle rider causes crash then ‘dives’ like footballer feigning injury


A bungling tuktuk driver caused a crash then ‘dived’ like a footballer feigning injury.

The driver ploughed into the back of a motorcycle that had slowed down to avoid hitting a pothole in Caloocan City, the Philippines on March 22.

CCTV shows how the rider was knocked to the ground but jumped to his feet as the sidecar passengers also emptied from the vehicle behind.

At first, the tuktuk driver was fine and continued holding onto the handlebars of his motorcycle. However, moments later after glancing around he slumped to the side like he had been knocked out.

Onlookers called the village officials for help and checked on the tuktuk driver who refused to stand up for almost half an hour saying he had a backache after the crash.

Village official Romeo Cueto said the driver was taken to a clinic with the help of paramedics to receive treatment but when they checked the CCTV, they saw how he had faked his injuries.

He said: ‘He kept saying that his back was painful so we took him to a clinic. However, we saw what really happened when we checked the CCTV.’

The motorbike rider, Errol Batario, 40, had light scratches and bruises on his legs but he was not seriously injured as well.

Errol said they did not file a complaint against the tuktuk driver, who promised to pay for the damage to his motorbike.

He said: ‘He promised to pay us for the damage to my motorbike. We did not pursue the case because he said he has five children to take care of.’