Thai students develop ‘canned bullfrogs’ to preserve the amphibians for up to a year before eating


Thai students have developed a method of preserving banded bullfrogs – stuffing them in cans so they last for up to a year before being eaten.

The canned bullfrog innovation was given an award in the Junior Inventor VEC Thailand exhibition held for students and teachers in Nakhon Ratchasima province on March 19.

The students bought the frogs from the local market and boiled them in spicy herbs for hours before helping each other with the canning process.

They used a canning machine to store the food but the natural preservatives used in the recipe were all the students’ ideas.

Nattapat Karin said she and her classmates Thipapond Kanjana, Wilaipond Suankaew, and Boontarika Euaisantia from the Nakhon Ratchasima College of Agriculture and Technology had the idea as people in their province loved to eat frogs.

She said: ‘Even our parents love eating frogs and they can easily be caught near rivers during rainy season so we thought of preserving them for the summer.

‘For our project, we ordered frogs from Kanchanaburi province, cleaned them well, and boiled them in spicy herbs before putting them in the cans.’

Each can holds three bullfrogs that are available in four flavours – salty, savoury, sweet, and spicy. They can could be stored for up to a year.

The canned bullfrogs are not yet available for sale as the Thai Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved them but Nattapat said they are working on it.

She said: ‘We haven’t received the license yet as we’re still improving the recipe, but we already have the patent. The production will begin again in the rainy season where more banded bullfrogs are available.’

The rest of the canned banded bullfrogs were kept by the exhibition organisers for further research on micro-organisms.