Baby elephant sits on bench and breaks it with its weight


This is the adorable moment a baby elephant sat on a bench before breaking it with his weight in Thailand.

The two-year-old male jumbo sat on the bamboo structure at an elephant camp in Surin province on March 18 afternoon.

His caretaker, Reung, was preparing the animals for a religious festival when the clueless elephant plonked his bottom on the structure, breaking both legs.

The guilty jumbo Dao-Mongkol stared at the broken bamboo bench, surprised by the damage he had done.

The worried mahout checked the elephant’s bottom to make sure the pieces left no splinters or scratches on his dearest Dao Mongkol.

Reung said: ‘He weighs 920 kilograms, but still likes to sit on benches. This was his first time breaking something by sitting on it.’