Hundreds of bees attack workers repairing 70ft advertising billboard


Eight workers were attacked by swarms on angry bees while they were repairing a 70ft-high billboard.

The workers were changing the banner on the tall advertising structure when they accidentally disturbed a beehive in Phitsanulok province, Thailand on March 23 morning.

The furious bees swarmed around the workers who tried to scare the insects using spray paint and other construction materials but without success.

To escape the stinging creatures, five workers immediately descended through the cable while three of their colleagues were left trapped on top.

Two of the trapped workers covered themselves using the plastic banner they were installing while the other one climbed further up the billboard to keep away from the bees.

The five workers who escaped called the paramedics and rescuers for help upon reaching ground before they were given first aid treatment for their stings.

Chumphae Paladking, 20, one of the workers said: ‘There was only one bee at first and then the others came to join it, stinging us several times.’

The rescuers climbed up the billboard but the defiant bees refused to leave their victims. The team had to use chemical substances to repel the bees and reach the remaining workers on top.

The rescue operation lasted about two hours as the bees tried to attack the volunteers as well.

Rescuer Nopphakan Jaiari said: ‘The giant honey bees were aggressive and they had around a thousand members. When we sprayed the repellent, they became more aggressive and attacked everyone until they decided to leave.’

The team used a crane to lift volunteers to the top of the billboard and take the workers with them. The worker who climbed the highest point of the billboard was not injured.

Porrawet Phudet, the foreman who hired the workers, said they did not expect that the bees would cause them problems.

He said: ‘The mall hired them to change the banner in front of their store. I saw the giant honey bees days before but we didn’t take them seriously.’

All the injured workers were sent to the hospital after the rescue mission ended.  Bee stings are painful but can be lethal to those who are allergic to them.