King cobra mating couple caught in farmer’s house in Thailand


Two venomous king cobras believed to be a mating couple was caught inside a farmer’s house in Thailand.

The deadly reptiles were aggressive and ready to attack when durian farmer Kamrai Sena, 37, saw them hiding behind a cabinet in Chanthaburi province on March 21.

Kamrai was terrified when the snakes, one of them a 10ft-long giant, tried to lunge at him while he was trying to retrieve a farming tool on the pile next to their hiding space.

He immediately ran outside the house to call his neighbours for help and contacted the animal rescuers for assistance.

When the rescue team arrived they searched where the snakes had been hiding using a pole and a flashlight.

They found one of the snakes still behind the cabinet and tried to escape but the team had cornered it and pulled it by the tail. They slowly dragged it outside the house where it was lured into a plastic box.

The second snake was also found in the kitchen under a bench where it was pulled out by rescuers and lured into another plastic box.

The relieved farmer thanked the rescuers who drove away with the cobras to release them back into the forest.

kamrai said: ‘The snakes could have killed my family easily. I was relieved when they were caught. We live near tall trees so snakes always wander inside our house looking for food, but these ones are deadly so I called for help.’