Curious three-year-old girl uses a metal ring as choker before it was stuck around her neck


A curious three-year-old-girl used a metal ring as a choker before it was stuck around her neck in Indonesia.

Footage shows one of her concerned neighbours cutting out the rusty steel using a saw to free her neck in Yogyakarta province on February 20.

The little girl was playing outside the house while her mother prepared her milk in the kitchen when the toddler suddenly cried.

Her mother rushed outside and found her daughter struggling to remove the ring she used as a necklace.

She said: ‘My daughter never plays alone. We are always with her but that time I made her milk in the kitchen. I heard her crying and went to see her. She told me she used the ring as a necklace so we called our neighbour for help.’

The girl was not hurt aside from a few light scratches she had on her neck while she tried to remove the ring.