Adorable pet dog looks on with sad eyes while owner plays with another puppy

This is the adorable moment a fluffy pet dog looked sad in the corner while its owner played with her new dog.

Rocx Hernandez recorded her mother as she played with their new pet puppy in Cavite province, the Philippines on August 28.

The jealous three-year-old dog, Sunshine, sat on the side, eyeing her owner with sad eyes as she played with one-year-old black pomeranian Kopi.

Rocx said her mum was initially playing with Sunshine then she saw her carrying Kopi while walking downstairs.

With the mother’s excitement, she grabbed the cute puppy from her leaving Sunshine on the side.

Rocx said: ‘Sunshine looked so sad and jealous, it was very cute. After filming, of course, we hugged Sunshine and I took Kopi away from her so I coukd pet him. Thankfully there is no bad blood happening between them.’