Tiger park feeds ice lollies to animals to help them stay cool in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ov3kysag6jesg8/VRP20092.mp4?dl=0

A tiger park fed ice lollies to animals to help them stay cool during the hot summer weather in Thailand.

Footage shows zoo caretakers distributing disc-shaped ice chunks for tigers to lick inside their enclosures in Tiger Kingdom Park in Chiang Mai province on March 26.

Temperatures are expected to reach close to 40 degrees Celsius during the summer season so park officials thought of preventive measures to keep the tigers relaxed during the daytime when it is the hottest.

The zoo’s nutrition department prepared the ice lollies in the kitchen with flavours that varies from plain water to meat and blood.

Park Manager Orapin Shinawatra the animals were susceptible to stress and heatstroke during the hot season but the ice lollies helped to keep them cool.

He said: ‘The animals received ice lollies around two or three times a day. They were also taken to a pool for swimming. When they became too stressed due to the heat, park keepers would separate them and give them ice lollies immediately.’

The tiger caretakers dangle the lollies with ropes and the tigers had to jump and catch them. The activity also allowed the animals to exercise which helped reduce the stress as well.

The zoo currently takes care of 48 tigers being monitored regularly by veterinarians for physical, mental, and emotional health.