Pregnant buffalo rescued after falling into canal


A pregnant buffalo was rescued after she fell into a canal and was stuck in deep mud in Thailand.

The hapless creature named Mrs Beautiful was taken to rest under the trees near the canal after being given medicine for her baby in Uthai Thani province on March 25.

However, the pregnant animal tried to escape a male buffalo which was trying to mate with her and she fell into the canal.

Mrs Beautiful was found by her owner Pattanasak Uppatti, 45, who heard her crying when he returned to the farm to take her home. Her baby was unharmed in the accident.

Pattanasak said he tried to save their animal but she was too heavy to pull out of the 3ft-deep muddy canal she was trapped in.

He said: ‘I tried to save Mrs Beautiful but I could not do it by myself. She was already big and pregnant which added to her weight.’

The farmer called the animal rescuers for help who arrived with a crane which they used to lift the pregnant buffalo out of the mud.

A safety harness was tied to the buffalo’s body before she was pulled out using the crane in the truck. The operation lasted for half an hour.

As the buffalo was too weak to walk, she was fed and tied to a nearby tree to rest for the night before livestock officers came to check on her in the morning.

Suchada, Pattanasak’s wife, said the officers will visit the buffalo to check on her health until she is better.

She said: ‘They will come for our buffalo to check on her from time to time to make sure she and her baby are safe.’