Thai man shocked after finding king cobra in living room


A Thai man was shocked after finding a 10ft-long deadly king cobra inside his living room in Thailand.

Suthep Santhasiri, 56, thought the snake was a fake and that he was only being pranked by his daughter in Chonburi province on March 18.

The father approached the huge snake’s tail carelessly to prove that it was only a toy. However, the reptile started to move aggressively sending the terrified man running out of the house.

He immediately called the animal rescuers to help him evacuate it from their property and prevented his family from entering the house.

Suthep said his daughter was playful and always made excuses to force him to come home early so he did not believe her at first.

He said: ‘I thought it was a prank. I pretended to play with her prank and told them that I will catch it myself. I was shocked when the snake moved and realised it was a real cobra.’

The rescue team cornered the snake with catching poles hiding under a pile of baskets in the living room before they secured its neck with a noose.

The golden yellow snake was then placed inside a sack before the rescuers drove away with it to release back to the wild.

The relieved father said he will be more careful with snakes now as facing it was one of the most terrifying things that happened to him.

He said: ‘I never saw such big king cobra before. I approached it carelessly and I was almost attacked. I will be more careful next time.’