Filipina woman, 63, has tumour growing from forehead as big as a football


A Filipina pensioner has a large lump as big as a football growing from her forehead which started as a thyroid problem.

Carmen Bongcawil Awid, 63, had a small goiter tumour removed from her neck before she was diagnosed with bone cancer in Lanao del Norte province, the Philippines on 2015.

After spending all of her savings for the first thyroid operation, the old woman could not afford to continue her treatment of the slow-growing cancer.

She did not have money to buy medicine when new lumps appeared on her face and the tumour that medics removed from her neck resurfaced.

Now, the pensioner was left partially blind due to a large benign tumour coming out of her forehead which has grown as big as a football.

Carmen said the mass is now eating its way through her right eye and has started to affect her left eyesight.

She said: ‘I can no longer stand up on my own. I feel weaker everyday. I am thankful for the people who help me with my daily needs. I wish I would have enough money to return to the doctors soon.’

Carmen’s nephew, Sherny Cabucos, who is a social worker, provides food and milk to help with his sick elderly relative’s health.

However, Sherny said his aunt does not have anyone to rely on as her six children, who all live in different parts of the country, had lost their jobs during the pandemic.

He said: ‘I feel sorry for my aunt. She used to help us when we were little and now she cannot even take herself to the hospital because of lack of funds.’

Carmen hopes the lump, which is a benign growth, can be removed so she can continue with her cancer treatment. Medics believe that removing the growth on her forehead is most critical.

She said: ‘I am hoping for good Samaritans to hear my story. I have been suffering for years. I am grateful that I have survived this far but it’s really painful.’