Chilling footage of haunted abandoned brothel in Thailand where trafficked women were held prisoner for two decades



Chilling footage shows an abandoned haunted brothel where trafficked women were forced to have sex with up to 40 men a day.

The concrete compound with a ‘fishbowl’ stage where women were displayed opened in the mid-1960s in Kanchanaburi around 90 miles of the Thai capital Bangkok before closing in 1986.

Poverty-stricken women from rural villagers were tricked into working by being promised jobs – before being prevented from escaping by iron bars, spiked fences and ruthless guards.

Many of the women were held prisoner in tiny rooms where they were beaten if they tried to escape and forced to have sex round the clock with local men – even politicians and police who are said to have been bribed with cash and services rendered to turn a blind eye to the atrocities.

Chillingly, residents living nearby who remember the ‘Brothel 35’ – nicknamed the ‘Prostitute Cemetary’ – say women were left to die if they were sick and forced into abortions when they inevitably fell pregnant.

Locals even claim to hear the ghostly screams of abused women at night, the cries of children and see apparitions moving through the concrete walls of the abandoned brothel.

A pensioner who lives in a nearby village, Nai, 70, said: ‘I was young when it opened but I remember people talking about what happened there. Everybody knew what it was but we did not get involved. The police were also customers there, so who would we report it too? It’s a scary place, yes. There are lots of ghosts there.’

Footage from inside the building taken on Sunday (March 28) shows the main ‘fishbowl’ stage are where women were displayed to visitors. They were then taken into small, 6.5ft x 6.5ft rooms where they lived and had sex with up to 40 men a day.

The same mattresses used when the brothel was open are strewn across the corridors. Discarded clothes, cassette tapes, number badges and wigs are also still in some of the rooms.

It’s unclear why the brothel closed but it was never raided by police. Instead, the owners are believed to have left when business slowed down.

Author Dax Ward, one of those who has visited the abandoned brothel, said it is the ‘most horrifying left-behind site’ he has visited.

He said: ‘The main purpose of Brothel 35’s security measures was to keep the women from escaping, rather than keeping them safe from intruders. Some of the workers came of their own free will and chose to work at the brothel, but many more were forced into sex work by traffickers who tricked and deceived them, purchased them directly from relatives, or kidnapped them from far-away rural villages.

‘Inside the building, you quickly realise the exact purpose of the walls, the metal spikes, the locked doors and the hiding spots. It was a prison.’

Mr Ward wrote that local police were ‘most certainly aware of, if not directly involved in the operation’ and would take regular ‘payoffs in cash and/or sexual services in order to allow the brothel to operate’.

He added: ‘The brothel was open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and catered to a diverse array of clientele. Customers ranged from the local affluent, businessmen and politicians to blue-collar labourers. All who had the cash to pay were served, however, the patrons would have been predominantly local.’