Stray cat rescued after being impaled through groin on metal fence spike


A stray cat was rescued after falling on a metal fence spike which impaled him through the groin.

The three-year-old male feline attempted to enter a backyard while searching for food when he slipped on the steel gate in Chonburi, Thailand, on March 28.

The house owner found the wounded moggie crying after hours of being stuck and called the animal rescuers for help.

The rescue team used a bolt cutter to take out parts of the steel fence with the cat so they could rush the animal to a veterinary clinic.

The terrified cat resisted the volunteers at first but eventually calmed down after being draped with cloth.

One of the rescuers said they could not just remove the steel from the cat’s body as he could bleed out or have his wounds infected.

He said: ‘A specialist must be the one to remove the steel from the cat’s body. The cat appeared strong and healthy so he will survive.’

After carefully removing the metal the vets cleaned and treated the wounds before they were stitched close. The cat is in stable condition now and recovering in the clinic.

The moggie was set to be given to a local animal shelter once he is discharged from the vets.