Girl, 2, born without arms or right leg uses her only foot to play with toys and eat food


An adorable two-year-old girl was born without arms and only one leg but managed to stay a happy child – eating on her own and playing with her sister.

Footage shows the independent toddler Aisyah Sairah enjoying snacks with her sister and feeding herself using her left foot in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, on March 27.

She can even use her foot to play with toys, apply lip gloss and eat food.

Aisyah’s mother Rahma said the girl had an undetected birth defect that affected the development of her arms and left her with a single left leg.

Despite her condition, the girl grew up to be a cheerful toddler who learned how to do normal activities using only one leg.

Rahma said her daughter had been teased by other children because of her strange appearance but she was brave and had many friends in their neighbourhood.

She said: ‘She has always been a happy and brave kid. I was relieved that she grew up to be friendly and could get along well with other children.’

The mother-of-two added she was shocked upon seeing her baby when she gave birth to Aisyah because her older sister was born without any problems.

She said: ‘I only found out about her condition after she was born. We don’t know why this happened since her sister had no issues.’

Aside from Aisyah’s lack of arms and a right leg she was generally a healthy child so her parents did not seek further treatment as her malformations did not prevent her from moving around.

The girl uses her only leg to drag her body around the house, play outside, and even do tasks and chores such as eating.

Mother Rahma said she hopes that the girl will continue to grow up having a positive attitude despite her condition.

She said: ‘I hope that my daughter will continue with her positive attitude. She’s different from other children but I believe she could do more as she is talented and independent.’

The girl’s condition is called Phocomelia which is a rare congenital disorder that causes severe malformations of the extremities. Babies born with Phocomelia have arms and legs that are severely shortened or sometimes completely absent.