Pet dog rescued after being found with head stuck under car


A one-year-old female dog was rescued after being found with her head stuck under a car.

The excited pooch named ‘Bew’ ran under the vehicle when visitors arrived at the family home in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand, on March 29. 

Owner Reyrai Saengbunram, 53, noticed that Bew was missing and began searching for her before finding her dog stuck beneath the car.

Bew’s head was wedged between the muffler and the axle and could not be removed so the family called the emergency services.

Rescuers spent an hour widening the space between the dog’s head by unscrewing nuts from the rusty engine parts before pulling the pooch out from under the car.

Bew became aggressive at first due to the stress but gradually relaxed and played around like nothing had happened.

Reyrai said: ‘My dog loves to put her head in tiny spaces while she’s chasing other animals and insects. She has done it before but this time she couldn’t get herself out and started to panic.’