Thousands of green butterflies swarm on beach in northern Thailand


Thousands of bright-green coloured butterflies were found swarming on a beach in Thailand.

Mesmerising footage shows the tiny-winged creatures carpeting portions of the ground while excited tourists take photos with them in Hat Chom Tawan beach in Nakhon Ratchasima province on March 29.

The lemon emigrant butterflies were believed to have been migrating in several parts of the province after an increase of the insects’ food source in the area which were mainly tree leaves.

Thap Lan National Park officials said the trees attracted the butterflies to their area as it was a suitable area for egg-laying during the mating season.

The official said: ‘The butterflies were starting to like our healthy environment. We have seen similar incidents happen in different parts of the province because of the trees.’

Last week, thousands of lemon emigrant caterpillars were found crawling on a school building in the province where several cassia trees were planted to feed on the leaves.

A local who had seen the butterflies said the swarm was so beautiful and bright that they could see them flying in mass from the sky.

He said: ‘They were so many and so beautiful that people from nearby districts could see them in the sky. They added colour to our place. More people like to visit the place to see them.’