Thai protesters hold rally outside government building in Bangkok


Thai protesters gathered outside the government building in Bangkok this afternoon (March 30) to call for the release of leaders being held in custody.

Dozens of people confronted riot police who stood in front of shipping containers blocking the seat of power in the capital of Thailand.

Activists slammed alleged police brutality at recent rallies and demanded that jailed Thai protest leaders currently being detained without bail are released. It came as ministers inside the building grounds posed for an annual cabinet photo.

Thai student-led anti-government protests erupted in Bangkok and other big cities following a disputed election in 2019. Activists called for the resignation of the prime minister and changes to the constitution.

They claim that the monarchy had become involved in Thai political matters and demanded reform of the establishment so that it becomes more transparent.

Officials have cracked down on the protest movement in recent months by arresting the leaders and using controversial lese majeste laws, which carry lengthy prison terms.