Heartwarming moment lost pet dog stranded on highway boards passing bus

Clarification: The bus driver’s name is Tuen Prathumthong.

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6ucuves272pqay/VRP21056.mp4?dl=0

Pictures: FTP

This is the heartwarming moment a lost pet dog stranded on a busy highway was rescued – by boarding a passing BUS.

The hungry pooch had been missing for three days before it emerged on the expressway in Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday lunchtime (March 30).

Bus driver Tuen Prathumthong received a radio call warning him to slow down as a dog was posing a danger to passing vehicles.

However, the kind driver simply could not ignore the hapless mutt, which was inches from passing vehicles and struggling through the midday sun temperatures reaching 37 C.

Tuen pulled over while conductor Noknoi Seedam checked with the 10 passengers onboard the vehicle if they would mind giving the pooch a ride.

CCTV captured how the relieved mutt bounded onto the bus when the doors opened. It was then taken back to the depot for fresh food and water before the owner came forward to collect the dog, which she said was named Cookie and two-years-old.

Bus conductor Noknoi said: ‘We received an alert about the dog in the road so I knew there was a hazard. When we arrived at that position there were cars slowing down, so I realised it was for the dog.

‘I checked with the passengers if they would mind if we stopped to collect the dog, as it was in danger. The driver stopped the bus and I called out to the dog to come onboard.

‘He was not afraid and ran straight on. He found a seat and laid under it but he did not want to be around people. He did not want to be touched.’

The bus arrived at the Muang Thong Thani depot where Cookie napped under a vehicle and was given fresh food and water.

Cookie’s owner Pachara Yoosawat later came forward to say that her dog had disappeared from a construction site two days before and he had been looking for him ever since.

She offered a reward of 5,000 Baht (116 GBP) to the bus service but they declined and suggested it was given to animal rescue groups instead.

Pachara said: ‘Cookie has lost about half a kilo in weight and he has some injuries on his feet.

‘He was very tired and has been sleeping a lot but he’s starting to feel better. He’s still a little bit scared of people. He was very pleased to see us.’