Driver survives as pick-up flips over in horror crash in Thailand


A female driver miraculously survived after her pick-up truck flipped over in a horror crash in Thailand.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the pickup truck hitting another vehicle and rolling three times along the road before slamming into an electrical post in Khon Kaen province on March 29.

Suthasini Sirisamran, the pickup driver, walked out of the vehicle with only a few cuts on her head due to the broken shards of glass from her window but she was generally fine.

The driver in the other car, student Chinanang Saephu, 18, was unscathed along with her grandfather Phanuphan, 64, after their vehicle drifted for several metres following the crash.

A motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger were almost hit by the colliding vehicles but fortunately were able to evade the crash unhurt.

A cloud of brown dust scattered along the road after the crash before concerned onlookers checked on the vehicles for survivors.

They called the paramedics for help but the motorists only needed first aid treatments for their light wounds and scratches.

Sedan driver Chinanang was reportedly making a u-turn on her way to school when the pickup truck approached from behind and collided with her.

Her grandfather Phanuphan said: ‘My granddaughter was heading to the school for a test. When she made a U-turn, we were hit heavily by another car. We were not seriously injured and she asked someone to take her to school while I talk to the police.’

However, the pickup truck driver said she was ‘surprised’ when the sedan made a sudden u-turn which made her lost control of the vehicle.

She said: ‘That car made a u-turn from the outer lane and I was not prepared for it. I lost control of my vehicle and then everything happened so fast.’

Police Colonel Prayut Khambonphitak said they will investigate the incident and will use the CCTV footage as evidence.

He said: ‘The cars were taken out of the road to ease traffic jams. We will soon interrogate everyone to find out exactly what caused the crash.’