Motorcycle rider loses control on bend and crashes into shopfront

This is the shocking moment a motorcycle rider lost control and crashed into a grocery store.

The man was travelling around a curve in the road when he ploughed into the shopfront in Surat Thani, Thailand on January 1.

His disloyal passenger fled the scene after they skidded along the ground in front of the grocery store. Another unknown man was seen helping them on the CCTV.

Chaiyawat, 52, the grocery store owner, said that he was asleep on the second floor when he heard the loud crashing sound. His mother called him from downstairs to see the store.

He found blood, teeth, and motorbike parts scattered on the floor.

The metal gate and some items inside the shop were also damaged from the collision. Chaiyawat said the value was around 5,000 baht (122GBP).

He had called the police so the motorcycle rider would take responsibility for the damages.

Chaiyawat said: ‘Fortunately the accident happened at night when there was nobody outside.’