Wild walrus chills on boat ramp in Wales

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1dr42dub8vmeul/VRP21328.mp4?dl=0

This is the adorable moment a wild walrus was seen chilling on a boat ramp in front of excited locals in Wales.

Footage shows the marine mammal nicknamed Wally by fond villagers was spotted sunbathing by the slipway in Tenby, Pembrokeshire on March 27.

Wally was dubbed as the ‘wandering walrus’ as it had been appearing multiple times on British shores after its first sighting in County Kerry, Ireland on March 15.

The walrus gained popularity after it swam the 450km distance from Ireland to Pembrokeshire on March 21 and had gone missing for six days before showing up in Tenby this week.

British animal welfare charity RSPCA staff were called to check on the health of the creature who discovered that it was a bit underweight.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Ellie West said the walrus was a young adult but it was not possible to determine its gender until a closer inspection was done.

She said: ‘We could not determine the gender yet as both male and female walruses have tusks but it is safe to say that the animal was a young adult.’

Welsh Marine Life Rescue’s Cleopatra Browne believed that the animal may have dozed off on a block of ice and drifted across the ocean until it landed in Ireland where it was first seen.

She said on an interview with BBC News: ‘Whilst it is a very unusual sight it is quite a sad occurrence because we have to remember that this walrus is a very, very long way from where he should be.

‘We’re talking about a wild animal that’s still very mobile. He’s very big, we’re talking about much bigger than our normal seals. This one, although he’s of a large size he is a bit underweight.

‘At the moment we don’t know where he is, he swam away.’