Summer storm damages hospital in central Thailand


A strong summer storm battered a hospital in central Thailand destroying windows and a ceiling.

Concerned medics at Wichianburi Hospital in Phetchabun province rushed to move patients’ beds when gusts struck at 6pm on March 30.

The atmosphere in the hospital became chaotic when the storm finally hit as a ceiling in one of the wards cracked and fell.

Windows, ceils and glass walls in the ward were hit by the wind while the shards of glass that flew into the room cut two patients. One suffered a wound on leg and another was cut on the hand.

The storm also damaged a nurse’s room. The total damages were around 100,000 baht (3,200 USD).

Somkid, one of the patients, said: ‘I was on the second storey sleeping when I heard many people screaming. When I woke up, a piece of ceiling fell to my bed but it missed me.

‘My relatives had to help move me to another room before another piece dropped again as I could not walk by myself.’

Shocked hospital visitor Lamad Rungyim 51, added: ‘I saw a tornado coming to the ward and then everything turned dark. I grabbed my mother who was on the bed.

‘We were so terrified and had no courage to open our eyes while the storm was smashing everything. I was so relieved when it was gone and we were safe. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my entire life.’

The Thai Meteorological Department reported that the moderate high-pressure system from China had caused thunderstorms, strong wind, and hail.