Two hungry buffalo raid home in search of food


This is the terrifying moment TWO hungry water buffalo raided a house in Thailand.

Pik Poungsang was relaxing at home in Bueng Kan province when he heard crashing sounds on December 29.

The young lad walked to the front door to check if a neighbour was knocking, but he was shocked when he saw a buffalo instead.

The huge animal was outside the glass panels appearing to be looking inside curiously at the tiled property.

Pik was confused about how the animal was able to enter their front yard when he heard more noises this time coming from the kitchen.

He rushed to check what caused it, running across the narrow hallway and saw a seconed water buffalo checking out the room.

Confused Pik is heard saying in the video: ‘Whose buffalo is this? Someone’s buffalo is at my house. Please help!’

He added the water buffalo in the kitchen may have entered as he had left the back door open.

The pair eventually left the property after a few moments as they had not found anything to eat on the house.