Buffalo family cause traffic jam after wandering onto motorway

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggwhs5enrlwfyjf/VRP21455.mp4?dl=0

A buffalo family caused traffic chaos after wandering onto a motorway in Thailand.

The mother and her two calves escaped their enclosure at a nearby farm and walked across the field before reaching the motorway.

Shocked drives stopped when they were were seen walking along the busy expressway in the capital city Bangkok on March 31.

A rescue team arrived after concerned motorists reported the buffalo sighting to authorities as they were causing four-mile-long tailbacks.

Volunteers attempted to herd the buffalo onto the road side but the mother became protective of her babies and charged at the rescuers.

After running at the rescuers several times the mother injured one of his limbs on the concrete path and collapsed on the road.

The motorway was temporarily closed afterwards to let a truck with a lifting crane carry the injured animal out of the expressway while her babies boarded behind.

One of the rescuers said: ‘The mother buffalo was very aggressive and tried to keep us away from her babies. Fortunately, we were able to dodge the horns.’

Unlike their mother, the baby buffalos were obedient followed the rescuers easily before they were fed with grass and sprayed with water to cool off.

The animals were taken into the district office while waiting for their owners to come and collect them. A vet also checked the mother buffalo’s leg injury and was given treatment.

Farmer Lamai, the owner of the three buffalos, came to the office to pay a 500 Baht fine for violating traffic laws after accidentally releasing the animals.

Lamai apologised to everyone who was affected by the traffic jam and thanked the rescuers for taking care of the animals.

He said: ‘I had 20 buffalos but these three are new to my farm as I recently bought them. They must have escaped from their enclosures as they were not used to the new environment.’