Buzz off! Hundreds of bees gather on jet ski handle bars on Thai beach


Hundreds of bees were found gathering on the handle bars of a jet ski docked on a beach in Thailand.

Footage shows the tiny creatures swarming on the rubber hose coiled around the watercraft’s handlebars in Chonburi province on March 31.

Jutha Jitsuphap, 42, stopped on the beach to refuel his jet ski used to drag banana boats in the sea for tourists when the insects suddenly arrived.

The tour guide splashed saltwater on the swarm hoping to scare them away but the bees were furious after being disturbed and attacked him.

He ran away to escape the bees and rolled over the sand as terrified tourists and vendors watched him from a distance.

The bees stung the man several times before they flew away together and disappeared before concerned onlookers rushed to check on him.

Juth said the bee swarm that attacked him was behaving strangely as these insects normally fear water and avoid oily surfaces on boats.

He said: ‘I don’t know what happened. They do not like water so I splashed some to chase them away but they became angry and bit me. They also don’t like smoke or oily surfaces so they normally stay away from boats and jet skis.

‘I thought they would keep attacking me until I was unconscious, so I just prayed. They seemed to have heard my prayers and left me alone.’

The tour guide had a few sting bites across his arms but he was not seriously hurt. He also reported the incident to local authorities for the safety of tourists.