Hungry wild monkeys raid home and feast on the dining table

This is the shocking moment three unruly monkeys raided a house to steal food from the kitchen.

The primates climbed inside through a veranda that was left open and went straight to the kitchen rummaging for food.

They then left orange fruit peels and nutshells all over the dining table and floor of the home in Ratchaburi province, central Thailand, on January 5.

The monkeys also made a mess inside the bedroom and toilets as they were searching for something to eat.

The furious house owner, Laksika, said she was shocked upon seeing the waste left by the wild animals.

She said: ‘I immediately checked the security camera inside the house to see if a thief had entered, but all I saw was three monkeys.

‘I had to clean up the mess they made, I hope they don’t come back to steal food again.’

The worried woman put a stuffed toy alligator on the window ledge to scare away the animals in case they return.

She added that there were children in her house and it she’s scared that they will attack if seen.

The monkeys have continued to wander into the city because of the shortage of food inside the parks especially after accepting of tourists was halted due to the pandemic.

Last year, monkeys in another province Lopburi were sterilised after their numbers spiralled out of control during the coronavirus lockdown, with well-meaning locals feeding them sugary drinks.