Shocked woman finds cobra rearing up at her in the bathroom


A Thai woman was shocked after finding an aggressive cobra rearing up at her in the bathroom.

Suphaphon Tienyim discovered the creature after hearing it make a loud hissing noise when she was about to use the toilet in Samut Prakan province, Thailand on March 30.

The snake appeared ready to attack with its hood expanded so she slowly backed out of the bathroom and rushed to call her family members for help.

The terrified resident said she was used to seeing pythons around their property as they were near a farm but it was the first time a deadly cobra had wandered inside.

She said: ‘Snakes have come to our house before because there was a farm nearby. Most of them were non-venomous snakes such as python but none of them was as big and aggressive like this cobra.

‘I was so lucky that I did not enter the bathroom with a faster pace or else I would have been within range for the snake to attack.’

Her parents called the animal rescuers who arrived with long poles with hooks to secure the venomous reptile from the house.

The reptile tried to resist the snake wranglers but it was eventually pinned down and placed inside a sack to be released back into the wild.