Furious teenage gaming addict ‘stabs his mother in fit-of-rage after she disturbed him while playing online’

A teenage gaming addict allegedly stabbed his mother in a frenzied attack after she disturbed him while he was playing online.

Surawut Tinarong, 17, would reportedly spend all day engrossed in multi-player war games in his room in Buriram, northeast Thailand.

However, his mother Saiyut, 46, is said to have taken rice to him while he was playing on January 7 before he flew into a rage.

The lad allegedly chased his mother out of the room then later stabbed her in the back four times with a kitchen knife.

Saiyut said she felt a pain jolting her back before she turned round to see it was her son, who reportedly stabbed her three more times.

Neighbours heard her screams and ran over to help her before calling an ambulance.

While they waited for the rescuers, the son is said to have stabbed himself with the same knife three times then collapsed on the pavement.

Both the mother and her son were taken to Nang Rong Hospital by paramedics, where they are in a stable condition.

Speaking to the police, relatives claimed the lad had symptoms of game addiction.

They said that he used to play outside with friends but would now stay in his room using his smartphone to join multi-player contents. He hadn’t left his room since New Year, they said.

One of the relatives who were with the mother and son to the hospital said that he was still talking incoherently after the incident.

They said: ‘He told me he was sorry and that he didn’t mean to do it. He said he didn’t mean to do it but he had no choice because someone was controlling his actions.’

Doctors said they did not find any drug or alcoholic substances in his body and believed that it may be due to psychological issues.

Officer are still investigating the incident while the mother and his son, who are both in a stable condition, are being treated for their wounds.

Lieutenant Colonel Sakchai Kittiudomphan from the Nang Rong Police Station said the gamer is set to have a psychological evaluation once his wounds are better.

He said: ‘The allegations have not yet been reported by the mother and we are waiting for tests to return from the hospital before considering the charges.’