Dramatic moment home collapses after fire killing four firemen and resident

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xjxnpiyi4whtahj/VRP22065.mp4?dl=0

Four firefighters and one resident were killed while tackling a fire at a mansion in Bangkok, Thailand, this morning (April 3).

Fire crews rushed to the inferno engulfing the luxury three-storey home in the Thawi Watthana district of the capital shortly before 6 am local time.

Several residents were evacuated before volunteer rescue teams and fire crews went inside the building to extinguish the blaze.

The structure then collapsed killing at least four volunteer firefighters and one resident who was hiding in the bathroom away from the flames. At least 20 other rescue officers were injured, many of them trapped in the rubble.

The dead were Thanaphob Prapai, 44, Samatcha Nilthong, 48, Attapol Thuamthong, 26, Kiat Patterson, 35, and Suthat Plianklad, 38.

Officials are now battling through the debris to free people currently trapped inside.

The Public Disaster Relief Volunteer Association Thailand reported that three teams arrived to tackle the blaze and five people were killed. The organisation said four of their staff were killed and one resident, who was trapped in the bathroom.

Speaking from the scene, the organization’s manager Toey Nippon: ‘Volunteer firefighters arrived help the stranded people inside the building. The fire was brought under control and extinguished. While the team were inside the building it collapsed, causing firefighters to get stuck in the debris of the building.’