Four dogs bark at each other through OPEN gate… refusing to go round the side


This is the hilarious moment four pet dogs were found barking ferociously at each other – from either side of an opened gate.

The pooches – two on either side – were going hell for leather as they bared their teeth and yapped away through the bars of the metal gate.

However, neither of the four dogs were willing to walk to the side of the small gate and actually attack each other during the shouting match in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Owner Eakawut said the dogs were ‘all bark and no bite’ and likened them to ‘keyboard warriors’ who trade insults online but avoid face-to-face combat.

He said: ‘My two dogs are those in the yard and the others were from a neighbour’s home. It was like they just wanted to show their power and not actually fight. They were using the gate as an excuse because they could have fought each other if they actually wanted to.

‘They reminded me of people who fight on computers but they never want to see each other in real life because they wouldn’t know what to say to each other.’