Kind passerby with great voice stops to sing with blind busker and attract donations


A kind passerby with a great voice stopped to sing with a blind busker – drawing a crowd of people to donate to him.

Footage shows the woman performing a popular Filipino love song as the blind man played his guitar beside her in Cagayan de Oro province, the Philippines on March 21.

Regine Carpio said the talented pedestrian was on her way home from work when she saw the old busker performing late at night.

She said she felt sorry for the old man and thought of singing with him to attract an audience.

Regine said: ‘It was already late and people were in a hurry to go home so they just passed by the old man.

‘I wanted to help him any way I could. I had the idea and asked him if he would allow me to sing with him.’

The old man agreed and thanked her before handing her the microphone and deciding which song to play.

As they performed together more people stopped to watch and left donations for the blind man.

Onlooker Ruel Quinones said she and her friends were curious upon hearing the woman singing in the area.

She said: ‘We were used to hearing the old man singing there. When we heard the woman’s voice we were curious so went closer to watch.’

The crowd appeared to enjoy the show and cheered after the song was done.

The old man also collected enough donations for the day so he was able to come home afterwards.