Kind lorry driver uses his sacred Islamic prayer cloth to rescue goat trapped in canal


A kind lorry driver used his sentimental praying cloth to save a goat that was trapped under a canal in Malaysia.

Fitri Che Hassan went to buy some supplies at a gas station when he heard the animal crying from under the ditch in Pokok Sena, Kedah on April 2.

The worker tried to calm the goat down and lured it into safety but it was too scared and walked away from the man.

Realising that he had to descend into the canal to reach the goat, Fitri changed in his truck and wore his praying cloth around his hips instead of his jeans which limited his movements.

The sacred Islamic prayer cloth was dirtied by the canal water but he was able to save the animal which he fed with grass growing out of the pavement.

He said: ‘After parking the vehicle, I heard the goat crying. I looked under the truck but it was not there. I followed the sound and it led me to the canal.

‘My prayer cloth was dirtied but I can clean it again. It helped me to save the goat’s life.’

As the goat did not have a collar or leash attached to its neck, Fitri took the animal home with him after informing the gas station employees about it in case the owners come looking for it.