Shocked police find ‘three million’ used surgical gloves being sold as Covid-19 PPE in Thailand

Shocked police raided a pub and allegedly found THREE MILLION pairs of used surgical gloves that were being re-sold as Covid-19 PPE in Thailand.

Officers said they received a tip that used medical gloves were being recycled at the shuttered drinking venue in Bangkok.

Police raided the pub on January 6 and found around three million pairs of gloves being processed for re-selling to unsuspecting locals, who believed they were taking steps to protect themselves from viruses.

The pub, named ‘The Series 90’, had reportedly been closed due to the pandemic’s effect on business. Instead, they had turned to a side-line of sorting through the soiled gloves and re-sorting them according to their conditions, colours, and sizes

Some of the products already had holes in them or are too stretched out while the others were undamaged. The cleaned gloves were then placed inside a box bearing a local brand name ‘Panyos’ and ‘Pure Glove.’

Police said they had seized 95,000 boxes of gloves, which had a wholesale price or around two million baht (49,000GBP). There were around three million pairs in total.

Supattra Boonserm from Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said: ‘These gloves may have been used previously for medical purposes to protect against diseases especially Covid-19.

‘However, the gloves were then being sold again, which is very dangerous to the health of people.’

Police said that based on investigations, the gloves were being sold illegally around Thailand and exported to neighbouring countries.

Police are now investigating whether the businesses whose brand names were found on the box are related to the illegal operation as some of the products allegedly failed to meet FDA standards.

Lieutenant General Nattasak Chaowana said there were around three million pairs of gloves.

He said: ‘This undermines the hard work that we are doing to protect people from the spread of the virus and the sacrifices that many ordinary citizens are making during the pandemic.

‘I am thankful to the members of the public that informed us about the operation. They